Do you require your customers to sign a contract?


Can we leave our dogs in the yard?

The technicians prefer to not have the dogs in the yard and slows down our scooping. If the technician approves the pet and knows that they are not aggressive the technician will let you know that the pet is approved and allowed to be outside with the technician.

Do you have Insurance?

Yes, we have a liability policy.

How do I know that you are a trusted company?

All of our technicians are background checked so you can feel safe to have us in your back yard. If there is something wrong with your home like open window/ door when your away on vacation, kicked in door ect. we will notify the police that we feel there is an issue and request an officer to check it out.

What is your satisfaction guarantee policy?

We want you to be happy with the service that we provided. If you're not happy please give us a call and we will come out within 24 hours and clean what was missed. However, if your grass is too tall, blocked or under a structure and we can't see it we can't scoop it!!

Do we work holidays?

We try and give all our technicians federal holidays off.

Do you work year round?

We try and assist year round but snow and freezing temperatures make that impossible at times. If that happens will be in contact and out to service our customers as soon as the snow melts.

Do you leave a notice when you come to service the yard when we are not home?

Yes, we will leave a notification on your front door so you know that we have been on site.

How do you protect our pet?

We always try and meet the dogs so that they know our scent and helps to cut down on bites an aggression. After each home we clean our tools and shoes with a cleaning solution to ensure that we are not bringing any doggy illness or disease with us to your home.

How do I pay?

We accept Cash, Debit cards and coming soon online payments through the website.

How much does a service like this cost?

Spring cleans are $ 50.00 it's a lot to clean after the long winter so it takes us longer. We have other options for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly options to fit your schedule.

What do you do with the waste?

You have 2 options we can take it with us to be disposed of or we can leave it in your trash can to be picked up on your regularly scheduled trash day.

Why use your service when I can just mow it up?

We always recommend clean your yard to avoid killing off the grass, having a smelly yard or if you have small children. If you leave it whole, then the technicians can come and scoop it up. If you try the mow method, you end up smearing it all over or chopping it up into smaller pieces and now you have it everywhere because only 25% makes it into the bagger.

Do you do special events?

Having a BBQ, family reunion or birthday party we would love to come over and make sure that all fidos surprises are cleaned up and the yard is party ready.