Don't Spend All Day Cleaning Up After Your Pet

Your choice pet waste removal service in Kuna, ID servicing throughout the Treasure Valley

Dog poop pick-up is definitely not the most fun part of owning a dog. You need to take care of the cleanup, but you'd really rather enjoy playing with your pet. What if you could skip the tough part and have more time and energy available for your pets, your family and yourself?

Poo Genie offers just that. When you hire us, you get a clean outdoor space to enjoy, and extra time to enjoy it. Email us today to set up a pet waste removal service call.

How the service works

Keeping things simple is the goal of hiring a dog poop pick-up service in Kuna, ID. Poo Genie offers a simple process that gets the job done right every time:

  • We meet with you and your pets to discuss visiting and access.
  • We visit on the day of service within a predetermined time frame.
  • We perform a full cleanup of the outdoor area.
  • We leave a small white flag in front to show the job is complete.

Call (208) 404-8291 today to set up a pet waste removal service in Kuna, ID.